An insight into Sensitive Skin and Fragrances

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Many of us use skincare as a way to wind down and take care of ourselves. Although skincare serves a very functional purpose, when a product provides an enjoyable sensorial experience as well as being efficacious, it automatically creates a more pleasurable impression. One way products create a more enjoyable experience is through the use of fragrance. 

Although fragrance seems to have gained a negative reputation recently, for many individuals fragrance can be perfectly fine as an addition in their skincare products. Those with sensitive skin, however, may want to be particularly cautious of products with fragrance. 

Why is skin sensitive to fragrance?

Sensitive skin is generally characterised by inflammation or irritation which can be caused as a reaction to change in environment or use of a new skincare product. This includes redness, swelling and itching. Sensitive skin occurs when the skins barrier is compromised leading to increased water loss enabling the penetration of irritants. 

As mentioned, one major irritant we see in many skincare products is fragrance. Both natural (including essential oils) and synthetic fragrances can cause an adverse reaction on the skin. It can be hard to identify which ingredient in a fragrance is causing this reaction, as on ingredient lists the full breakdown of the fragrance used is not generally disclosed however that being said, any allergens must always be disclosed on the INCI list. If possible, it is always best to contact a medical professional to find out which specific ingredients you may be sensitive to.

To summarise…

Those with sensitive skin or who have skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may wish to avoid fragrances to prevent aggravation or worsening of their condition. In any case of uncertainty  with regards to sensitive skin or skin conditions please contact a GP or medical professional.

At Base Plus we always provide the option for a fragrance free product so whether you do have sensitive skin or just want to avoid fragrance in general we’ve got you covered. 

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