Chima’s skin-test

Hey Humaira, here are some insights based on the answers you gave us when you took our skin survey. The answers you provided really helped us to perfect the product – Base Plus was made with you in mind.

Skin that looks dry

You mentioned that your current skin focuses were Skin that Looks and Feels Dry. Dry skin is often confusing as there is a difference between (and a different approach for addressing) skin that lacks oils, and skin that lacks hydration. Dry skin types are ones lacking enough of the oils naturally produced by the skin, and so can typically look dry – this is commonly addressed by using moisturisers with high oil content. The higher up the ingredient is in the ingredient list of a product, the greater the amount used in a product.

Skin that feels dry

People with a dehydrated skin condition are those whose skin lacks water – this skin type can look oily whilst feeling very dry because often the skin overcompensates with producing oil to make up for the lack of hydration. People with dehydrated skin often address this by using products containing hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and making sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Once adequately moisturised and hydrated the skin should look and feel softer and more plump.

We hope this information was useful and look forward to seeing what you create with us.