Marwa’s skin

Hey Marwa, here are some insights based on the answers you gave us when you took our skin survey. The answers you provided really helped us to perfect the product – Base Plus was made with you in mind.

Skin that feels dry

Dry skin is often confusing as there is a difference between (and a different approach for addressing) skin that lacks oils, and skin that lacks hydration. People with a dehydrated skin condition are those whose skin lacks water – this skin type can look oily whilst feeling very dry because often the skin overcompensates with producing oil to make up for the lack of hydration.

Dull and lifeless looking

Dull skin can be caused by a range of reasons. Among the most common are: a buildup of dead skin cells, pollution and UV damage. People with a build up of dead skin often turn to methods of exfoliation to support the skin turning over dead cells, and revealing the fresh, radiant skin underneath.

Exfoliation can be done physically (for example using gentle cloths for people with sensitive skin), or chemically, using gentle to strong peels. Lactic, salicylic and mandelic acids are often more gentle options that are widely available for at home use.

UV damage, pollution and dull skin often go hand in hand with ageing skin. Skin constantly subjected to pollution ages prematurely and becomes weakened, dull, and sensitised, as does skin damaged by UV rays. In the case of prevention of UV damage to the skin, sun screens and blocks are key; antioxidant-rich skin care is often used by people to support the clean up of skin ageing free radicals and prevent inflammation.

We hope this information was useful and look forward to seeing what you create with us.