Our Story

Bright beginnings

Base Plus was built on the desire for quality, sustainable skincare that caters to everyone’s unique needs. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all formulas that clutter skincare shelves, we put your needs first by creating personalised products that take the confusion out of skincare shopping. 

Every Base Plus product is handmade in-house and tailored to your skin type and preferences, creating a truly bespoke skincare experience. Our mission is to make personalisation the norm in the beauty world, unlocking superior skin health for everyone

Your skin is special and your skincare should reflect that, so why settle for ordinary when you can have Base Plus?

Science meets nature

By combining carefully-selected actives with the science of skin, we produce high-quality, personalised skincare that targets a range of skin concerns and gives your skin the devotion it deserves. 

But the science of Base Plus doesn’t stop there. As well as using smart algorithms to tailor our products to every skin type, we also take a zero-waste approach to beauty. Thanks to the bespoke nature of our brand, we’re able to effectively plan our ingredient inventory and only use as many of our natural or organic ingredients as we need. 

Good skin all round

We believe that skincare should help you do good whilst looking good, which is why we ensure that all our products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and (where possible) using organic ingredients. 

Meanwhile, our packaging is made from recyclable materials, including the aluminium tubes that hold the Base Plus Moisturiser and the cardboard boxes your blends are delivered in. We keep plastic use to an absolute minimum, only using it on the cap on our moisturiser tubes, the rim on our serum bottles, and our padded mailer envelopes. However, we’re still striving to do better and aim to be completely plastic-free by 2022.

Skincare that gives back 

Doing the right thing is hugely important to us and we know that being a sustainable brand goes beyond conscious ingredient and packaging choices. In building the brand we realised the difficulty in claiming to be sustainable whilst using the earth’s precious resources in any way, and just how difficult it is to get true sustainability right. This is why we’ve chosen to support the Rainforest Alliance – an amazing charity that fights deforestation, promotes sustainability within business, and empowers rural communities. 

We make a donation to the Rainforest Alliance each time someone purchases a Base Plus product, allowing you to protect the planet and people all whilst giving your skin the nourishment it needs. In this way we can make sure we’re giving back as much as we’re trying to get our company right.